February 3, 2014

Predator Fishing in PA

I get asked a lot about where I do all my predator fishing in PA.  I'm always glad to help a fellow fisherman but musky fisherman sometimes can be as tight lipped as a native brook trout fisherman.  I fish the Allegheny a lot both above and below Kinzua Dam but thats big piece of water and lots of room to share, and everybody knows that waters like the Juniata River, French Creek, West Branch of Susquehanna, North Branch of Susquehanna, and the Monongahela offer great musky fishing.  But there are some waters I like to keep to myself.  The Fish and Boat commission has a list of most waters in the state both lakes and flowing water that have musky, pike, and chain pickerel.  With a little research you can do some exploring of your own.  Be careful though, you could end up a junkie like myself.




Allegheny Sunrise

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