February 26, 2014

Hardly Strictly Musky the Southern Classic

This annual gathering of the musky tribes will take place May 2nd and 3rd.  This is sure to be a weekend of great fishing, and bullshitting among the country's musky fly anglers.  The event will take place on the banks of the Collins River in McMinnville, TN and is sponsored by Towee Guide Tested Skiffs and Scientific Anglers.  Along with the fishing is a BBQ dinner, craft beer tasting, and a fundraiser for Project Healing Waters.  If interested in attending get a hold of Todd Gregory of Towee.  Entree fee is $145 per angler.

2013 Fish 
2013 Fish

Winner of 2013 Classic

This will be my first time competing in this event.  My partner will be Brad Bohen of Musky Country Outfitters in Wisconsin. Team Primo Tail will be bringing the PA/WI roundhouse to Tennessee.

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  1. Hey Todd, This may seem like a weird question but I was wondering if you were heading down to TN for hardly strictly musky? I recently bought a towee skiff off of todd Gregory and I didn't have the money for the rowing frame at the time and now I realize I really need it!!! anyway he was suppose to bring it up to me when he was heading up here to see bob clauser but now hes going down there and bob cant bring it up. Anyway we could work something out and help a fellow fish addict with his disease!!! Let me know if you can help. phollander19@gmail.com