February 11, 2014

Hog Island Boatworks

Hog Island Boatworks is a company out of Steamboat Springs Colorado.  They are making some bad ass drift boats and skiffs.  It is my personal boat for all my toothy missions and is becoming a favorite across Musky Nation.  I have the skiff model which rows just like a drift boat or you can put a motor on it and run it on the lake if you want.  These boats are tough as nails because they are rotomolded like a whitewater kayak.  These things float high too eveybody that gets on the Toothy Temptress (the name Jess gave the boat) is amazed by how little water it takes to float the boat.  John St. John is the owner and runs a top notch outfit.  Check them out at  hogislandboatworks.com
Hog Island SW16 Skiff
 Me on the oars
Brad Bohen and Penny of Musky Country Outfitters 
A cold day on the Allegheny

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