April 28, 2014

Epic Weekend

Did some scouting on some fresh water this weekend.  Walked into a spot where I could fish from the bank and managed 3 pike.  One about 26" and 2 really nice PA pike of roughly 36" and 38".  For all you know I'm just bullshitting you since I have no pics for proof. Well when  you are fishing from a 10 foot high bank it is just about impossible to land a fish that ranges from 5-15 pounds.  All 3 fish flopped off while pulling up over the vertical bank.

Floated the same stretch with good friend Phil Smeal and had one hell of a day.  Fished for about 8 hrs and all in about 1 hour we had an epic day.  Off a big log pile Phil dropped a cast and came a big swirl and a minute later a 36" pike was landed.  Next I was up and I managed about a 26" pike.  I jumped back on the oars and about 10 cast later Phil's day got even better.  We came up on a big deep hole full of wood and Phil started yanking on his line like he was stuck on a log..........this was no log.  Soon there after a mid 40's plus fish rolled and the fight was on.  Phil managed to get the fish to the boat and as I started to slip the net in the water the fly come unpinned.  We were both so upset but it was still awesome to see all that.  After that I had a follow from another musky that turned on my figure 8 a dozen times or so and disappeared back to the depths.  This was the first time I floated this section and boy am I glad I did.  I think I will go back after that big bitch again soon.  I know where she lives now.

Look at that beard 
Nice fish too.

I only get to catch the little ones

April 13, 2014


A lot of good news has come my way in the last couple of months with being published and becoming a licensed guide but the best news of all is I got engaged.  Jess and I went to North Carolina to do some backpacking and camping and I popped the question.  It was quite the trip. Really excited and can't wait to start the rest of  my life with her.

April 9, 2014

Officially a Licensed PA Fishing Guide

It has been a goal of mine for a few years now to be able to get paid to do the thing I love to do the most.....fishing.  Well I took the plunge and got my PA guide license.  The name of the business will be Keystone Predator Outfitters and will specialize in flyfishing for pike and musky on the waters of Pennsylvania.   Hopefully soon there will be a website up but for now here is the information.  Get a hold of me if you are interested.

$375 full day drift boat trip
$200 1/2 day drift boat trip
$300 full day walk in wade trip
$150 1/2 day walk in wade trip
*drift boat trips for 1 or 2 anglers
*wade trips for 1 angler

Full day includes at least 8 hours on the water & lunch
Half day includes at least 4 hours on the water

Contact info:
Todd Deluccia

April 6, 2014

Article Published in Mid Atlantic Flyfishing Guide

Was asked to last year to do a piece on predator flyfishing for the Mid Atlantic Flyfishing Guide.  I must have done a good job because I was asked for 2nd piece that was just published.  I am honored to be able to do this and have my name on the cover with names such as Ed Jaworski, Lefty Kreh, and Bob Clouser.

September 2013 Article

May 2014 Article

PAFF Museum

I was asked to tie at the 2nd annual open house for the Pennsylvania Flyfishing Museum and the hair was flying. I think I had bucktail all over that entire museum lol.  I was the only guy there really tying big meat but thats why I was asked.  If you haven't been to the museum in Boiling Springs check it out it is very cool.  PA has a rich heritage in flyfishing.  Here is some of the stuff I tied this weekend.

April 2, 2014

PA Flyfishing Museum Open House


2ND Annual Open House

Friday April 4TH and Saturday April 5TH / 10AM to 5PM
Vendors and Craftsmen / Fly Tiers, Artists, Bamboo Rod builders, Net Makers,
Featuring The Colonial Angler.
This Event Will Be Held In The PFFMA Museum
No Charge for this event, refreshments complements of the Allenberry Resort

I have been asked to tie predator flies at this event. Should be a good time.  Hope to see you all there.