February 5, 2014


My name is Todd Deluccia and I am an addict

Have you ever watched the show Hoarders?  Sometimes fly tyers could be classified as this.  If someone who does not tie flies would walk into my house they would think this guy is a closet serial killer.  Dead animal body parts in the freezer, bags of feathers, random animal parts throughout the rooms, and enough scissors and knives to scare Dexter Morgan.  They would also find enough flash to think a stripper lived here.

Box of deer tails and whole golden pheasant
When it comes to material for a predator fly fisherman, you can never have enough.  Good feathers and bucktail are about as addicting as what I can only assume crack cocaine is like to Tyrone Biggums. When I see a good saddle in a fly shop I get a little twitchy.  Someone said to me this week if you can count how many bucktails you have, you don't have enough.  I laughed and thought to myself this is so true.  I know many others who are just as bad as me or worst.

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