December 23, 2014

Wisconsin Annual Pilgrimage

It's been a while since I did a blog post.  I have been a huge slacker.  Things have been busy with life in general but I promise to make an effort at keeping Keystone Predator Flyfishing updated.

Phil Smeal and myself made the annual pilgrimage to Wisconsin to fish with Brad Bohen.  We caught tons of fish and had a hell of a trip.  We ended up boating 8 musky, 2 pike, and a walleye in 3 days.  Most of the musky were smaller around 30" but did get a couple bigger ones.  One of the musky caught was my new personal best musky (46-47") that ate a figure 8 at the boat.  I actually stole this fish from Phil because it followed his fly to the boat and then I snaked it.....sorry Phil.  Actually no I'm not lol.

While out there we also competed in the Musky Flyfishing World Championships.  We had high hopes going in but after the 2 day tournament Team Keystone Predator ended up taking 1st place in the team championship.  We landed 6 fish but 3 were under 32".  Our scoring fish were 32, 36, and 40 inches.

Brad, Phil, and I

Getcha Some

Penny Sue

Nice Wisconsin Pike

This one got the grease!!!

Nice low 40's fish

My Personal Best

Look at that mug

My smile says it all

The release

Battle Scar

36" fish from World Championships

40" and Phil's personal best


32" from World Championships

Scrappy Fella

Just a little guy........Just as hungry

Blowing the Musky Warhorn calling to the Musky Gods

Phil and I after winning

August 24, 2014


This May I donated a trip for a local musky tournament.  Trevor Burkett (Spank) and his dad also name Trevor won the trip.  Spank is a 9 year old who is a hell of a little fisherman.

Him and his dad gave it a go all day.  Fishing was tough with the conditions but it all paid off for Spank when he connected on nice 26-28" pike.

No picture of the fish because the guide (me) is very clumsy and lost the fish over the side of the boat when it flopped off.  Pretty sure it was this same fish because it was caught in the very exact same location.

May 5, 2014

Warmwater Revolution

The air temps are rising and the water is finally starting to warm which is getting the fish active.  Us toothy critter nuts always have warmwater fishing on the mind with our quarry being pike and musky but the bass are really starting to heat up too and warmwater fishing is here.  This coming weekend is 2 events to get you going.

On Friday from 6-8 pm is the annual musky madness evening at Jim's Sports Center in Clearfield, PA.  Brad Bohen, Corey Siple, and myself will be on hand tying flies and telling lies.  Afterwards is the after party at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub where people can come and meet Brad and drink a few beers with us.

Corey Siple

Brad Bohen

Todd Deluccia

On Saturday and Sunday is the Oak Orchard Warmwater Weekend which will host some of the best warmwater fisherman in the Mid Atlantic and Brad Bohen will be representing the midwest.  Myself and the Streamer Junkies from PA will be there along with Steven Wascher, Rick Kustich, Tyler Straight, Eric Peterson, Justin Damude and Nate Carr from Brookdog Flyfishing will be there from New York.  We will be tying and bullshitting, maybe a little fishing.  The Streamer Junky boys will have their Towee Guide Tested Skiff there and I will have my Hog Island there to show off.

Rick Kustich

Nate Carr

Eric Peterson

Steven Wascher

Justin Damude

David Hegburg

Tyler Straight

Everyone is welcome and hope to see you guys at one of the events.  The bucktail and bullshit is sure to
be flying.

April 28, 2014

Epic Weekend

Did some scouting on some fresh water this weekend.  Walked into a spot where I could fish from the bank and managed 3 pike.  One about 26" and 2 really nice PA pike of roughly 36" and 38".  For all you know I'm just bullshitting you since I have no pics for proof. Well when  you are fishing from a 10 foot high bank it is just about impossible to land a fish that ranges from 5-15 pounds.  All 3 fish flopped off while pulling up over the vertical bank.

Floated the same stretch with good friend Phil Smeal and had one hell of a day.  Fished for about 8 hrs and all in about 1 hour we had an epic day.  Off a big log pile Phil dropped a cast and came a big swirl and a minute later a 36" pike was landed.  Next I was up and I managed about a 26" pike.  I jumped back on the oars and about 10 cast later Phil's day got even better.  We came up on a big deep hole full of wood and Phil started yanking on his line like he was stuck on a log..........this was no log.  Soon there after a mid 40's plus fish rolled and the fight was on.  Phil managed to get the fish to the boat and as I started to slip the net in the water the fly come unpinned.  We were both so upset but it was still awesome to see all that.  After that I had a follow from another musky that turned on my figure 8 a dozen times or so and disappeared back to the depths.  This was the first time I floated this section and boy am I glad I did.  I think I will go back after that big bitch again soon.  I know where she lives now.

Look at that beard 
Nice fish too.

I only get to catch the little ones

April 13, 2014


A lot of good news has come my way in the last couple of months with being published and becoming a licensed guide but the best news of all is I got engaged.  Jess and I went to North Carolina to do some backpacking and camping and I popped the question.  It was quite the trip. Really excited and can't wait to start the rest of  my life with her.