May 5, 2014

Warmwater Revolution

The air temps are rising and the water is finally starting to warm which is getting the fish active.  Us toothy critter nuts always have warmwater fishing on the mind with our quarry being pike and musky but the bass are really starting to heat up too and warmwater fishing is here.  This coming weekend is 2 events to get you going.

On Friday from 6-8 pm is the annual musky madness evening at Jim's Sports Center in Clearfield, PA.  Brad Bohen, Corey Siple, and myself will be on hand tying flies and telling lies.  Afterwards is the after party at Denny's Beer Barrel Pub where people can come and meet Brad and drink a few beers with us.

Corey Siple

Brad Bohen

Todd Deluccia

On Saturday and Sunday is the Oak Orchard Warmwater Weekend which will host some of the best warmwater fisherman in the Mid Atlantic and Brad Bohen will be representing the midwest.  Myself and the Streamer Junkies from PA will be there along with Steven Wascher, Rick Kustich, Tyler Straight, Eric Peterson, Justin Damude and Nate Carr from Brookdog Flyfishing will be there from New York.  We will be tying and bullshitting, maybe a little fishing.  The Streamer Junky boys will have their Towee Guide Tested Skiff there and I will have my Hog Island there to show off.

Rick Kustich

Nate Carr

Eric Peterson

Steven Wascher

Justin Damude

David Hegburg

Tyler Straight

Everyone is welcome and hope to see you guys at one of the events.  The bucktail and bullshit is sure to
be flying.

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  1. ...really enjoyed reading your accounts...Sounds like a blast catching those monsters on a fly rod