April 28, 2014

Epic Weekend

Did some scouting on some fresh water this weekend.  Walked into a spot where I could fish from the bank and managed 3 pike.  One about 26" and 2 really nice PA pike of roughly 36" and 38".  For all you know I'm just bullshitting you since I have no pics for proof. Well when  you are fishing from a 10 foot high bank it is just about impossible to land a fish that ranges from 5-15 pounds.  All 3 fish flopped off while pulling up over the vertical bank.

Floated the same stretch with good friend Phil Smeal and had one hell of a day.  Fished for about 8 hrs and all in about 1 hour we had an epic day.  Off a big log pile Phil dropped a cast and came a big swirl and a minute later a 36" pike was landed.  Next I was up and I managed about a 26" pike.  I jumped back on the oars and about 10 cast later Phil's day got even better.  We came up on a big deep hole full of wood and Phil started yanking on his line like he was stuck on a log..........this was no log.  Soon there after a mid 40's plus fish rolled and the fight was on.  Phil managed to get the fish to the boat and as I started to slip the net in the water the fly come unpinned.  We were both so upset but it was still awesome to see all that.  After that I had a follow from another musky that turned on my figure 8 a dozen times or so and disappeared back to the depths.  This was the first time I floated this section and boy am I glad I did.  I think I will go back after that big bitch again soon.  I know where she lives now.

Look at that beard 
Nice fish too.

I only get to catch the little ones

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