January 29, 2014

Ruined for Life!!!!!!!

It all started several years ago.  I was once a hardcore troutbum fishing for native brook trout in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania and the limestoners of Central PA for big browns and the occasional rainbow.

I was thinking about trying my hand at musky and pike fly fishing and had even conjured up some ratty patterns that I thought would work and one day I had seen an episode of Wild on the Fly. Brad Bohen of Musky Country Outfitters in Wisconsin was fishing with the hosts.  This got my blood going a little bit and I then bought and watched Brad's movie Zero to Hero.  From this point on I told myself I was going to catch a musky or a pike.  

So I picked up my first 10 wt at the local fly shop in Clearfield Jim's Sports Center which of course had to be ordered because a 10 wt in PA is just blasphemy.  A friend of mine Corey Siple was interested as well and we decided to try it together.  He and I went to a local pike fishing spot and were skunked after a few hrs of trying not to kill ourselves with the large flies we tied.  We had lost the battle but not the war.  

On a cold March day we decided to give it a try again and something amazing happened.  As I was daydreaming I saw a huge slash behind my fly and I nearly crapped my pants and about 2 seconds later it happened again but this time it ate the fly.  I set the hook and the battle ensued.  Neither Corey or I had ever landed a toothy critter so we were having a little trouble.  We beached it up on the bank and the rest was history.  A 36" pike which is a damn respectable pike for PA was my first toothy critter.  It would not be my last.  From that point on I was pretty much ruined for life.  When the toothy critter bug bites, it bites REAL hard.  Ever since then I have pretty much dedicated myself to the pursuit of predatory fish.  I have now caught and landed well over 100 pike and musky and even some very large chain pickerel.  I have  no intentions of ever stopping unless my body will not allow.

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