March 7, 2014

Musky Slime

It is known by many a fisherman that musky slime has magical capabilities.  It's great for dry skin, pain relief, has been known to cure the common cold, and I hear research is showing that is being used to even cure the HIV.  (Disclaimer: This is sarcasm) What it is best at is the cure for cabin fever.  Old Man Winter has had his icy grips on the waters of PA all year and I am chomping at the bit to get out.  The fly tying and demos that I have been doing are just making things worst.  You tie a really bitchin fly and you can't take it out for weeks or months.  Hell I have even tied musky flies without hooks to rope and played with the cats to fuel my urges.  The few trips that I had planned were cancelled because of winter weather but this weekend I shall be revived.  I will be hitting the mighty Allegheny and hopefully get my years worth of musky slime antibiotics.

Allegheny River Musky

Early Morning on the Allegheny
Dreaming of Springtime

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